It is the vision of Classrooms Helping Kids to see students become compassionate heroes as they impact the lives of orphans in developing countries. We believe that the feeling a child gets from knowing they helped save another child's life by taking them off the streets and into a loving home is enough for every school and every classroom to want to get involved. However, as teachers ourselves, we wanted to give principals, teachers, parents, and students another great reason to partner with Classrooms Helping Kids. 

We have come up with many creative ways for a Classrooms Helping Kids school sponsorship program to correspond with the Social Studies curriculum at multiple grade levels. 


We would be happy to work with you to help make your school's Classrooms Helping Kids sponsorship program fit perfectly with your school's goals, focus, curriculum, and standards.​​​​​​​


We believe that a Classrooms Helping Kids school sponsorship program is a great way to bring the Social Studies curriculum to life!